Başak Sayan was born in Ankara on 17 June 1977, at Gulhane military hospital. She is first child of her father Sözer Sayan, soldier and her mother Latife Sayan, a German language teacher . Three years younger than her, Ozan and then after 12 years other siblings who were twins Anıl and Çağrı were born.

Mrs. Latife grew up in Germany until the age of 16 and then returned to Turkey. Both mother and father came in Ankara for a college education , then married and settled here. Due to her father's military history, Başak's childhood passed in military lodgings, the fact that the discipline has its share. Her father started to contractoring after military service, and about fifteen years of work in this area. After career as a teacher, now her mother is assistant director of national education in Ankara.

Başak who dreams of becoming an actress and writer from an early age, actively worked in the theater clubs of her schools and tried to express herself by writing stories, in addition to these she interested in basketball in primary and secondary schools .

On the morning of March of 1995, Başak's life has been changed when she came to Istanbul. To earn some money while studying economics at university she decided to find a work on television and said that someone she know at that time working on Star TV. Response that leads to release of her ambitious personality to the forefront. After introducing herself and apply for a job on Star TV she started the day after. Then she began to present women programmes and music channels, followed by another. Advertising is also acting in the same years. After appearing in a television movie on the same dates, she began to work on a famous television series, Fırat.
After a break of several years, in 2000, Başak has decided that she only wants to do acting job, and so far has focused television series and starred in a large number of the famous television series. Gurbet Kadını, starring in 2004's sequence recognized by a wider audience, starring in 2006's Geniş Zamanlar and Yaprak Dökümü moved up the momentum.
Başak's biggest dream since childhood is cinema. Actress who wants to see the stories she wrote on silver screen took a long way and have spent a lot of labor, and has written the story of a feature film begins shooting next winter. Başak thinks that cinema explain something to people, there should be a message and her in stories she is questioning life, making people think that what is the reality.

She has been put forward herself by the year of 2010 in the field of writing. In June, the first book, "Love and Seduction" is published, then immediately she started writing articles in the Akşam Gazette.

Examine the eastern philosophies and researches on this subject for many years makes the actress's religion a much more understanding of the universal dimensions.
Sports is a very important place of Başak's daily life, 3-4 days a week on a regular basis exercise. Since 2004, education in astronomy and astrology, she can say that by adopting the essence of the Hermetic philosophy "above and below that what you have there," for understand the approaching events.

Even the smallest detail is very important in her professional life. Each of the scenarios or working on stories written by her, she is reviewing the works mentioned repeatedly until she reach the desired effect. At the end, the audience feel something, but will probably be only understands by Başak. In a stark sense of reality. Actress and writer living in an iron discipline of the most widely known work well, all the characters played by her has blending a sense of reality.

It seems that while on the road of her dreams she is going to be well-known by her projects and she says "the war doesn't look like to end yet". She is still living in Istanbul and preparing to abroad in the coming years

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